Relationship Advice For Selling Your Home

Dated: March 22 2019

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Let’s imagine for a moment, that our homes were able to date. By dating, I mean courting, talking, “seeing someone” or whatever term culture likes to use to describe the humble beginnings of a relationship. However, in this ridiculous example, we’re looking at setting up our home with a new romance - a new potential buyer. 

Let me explain:

Say you are preparing to go on a date with some new heartthrob. How are you going to prepare for best first impression? You’re probably going to bathe, maybe wear some new clothes that were purchased for the occasion. I'll bet you're even going to break out that ol’ cologne or perfume that, well, let’s face it, is the best scent known to mankind. Basically, you’re going to look amazing. 

Well, in order to sell your home for top dollar, it’s going to need the same treatment. Here’s what I mean:

  1. HYGIENE: Clean up the house. Remove any kind of clutter in order to open up space. This makes your home look and feel larger. Take advantage of the myriad of air freshening products on the market. Use them around the home to help create a freshness in the air. Use candles, bake cookies or anything that will provide a pleasant smell. It will also help to change out the air filter on your HVAC system. If you have indoor pets, be very mindful of pet odor. If you make sure the home is tidy and smells fresh, it’s only going to help. 

  2. NEW CLOTHES: Or in this case - PAINT. Paint colors are as unique as our personalities, but upon first meeting someone, we typically don’t show them our colorful personalities until we’ve spent more time with them. It’s certainly not a necessity, but if your home has neutral paint colors, it’s typically much easier for a potential new buyer to envision themselves and their stuff in the home. In some cases, bright or loud colors like red, orange, green, purple…. you get the idea… can negatively effect the showing. If a buyer can’t see themselves in your home, they’re less likely to make an offer. 

  3. TOTAL PACKAGE: a.k.a. CURB APPEAL - Curb appeal is your first impression. It sets the tone for the rest of the experience of showing a home. Make sure the grass is cut and the shrubs are trimmed. If there’s landscaping or flower beds, it makes sense to go ahead and freshen them up with new mulch or plants. If you have taken the time to make sure these things are attended to, a potential buyer is going to enter the home with the same confidence that all aspects of the home have been maintained. 

You’ve heard before that real estate is about location, location, location. Although that is true, regardless of where your home is, there is still an element of competition among sellers. You have to position your home to be the obvious choice for buyers in its price range. If you don’t, get ready to drop the price or watch it sit on the market for a long time. 

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Relationship Advice For Selling Your Home

Let’s imagine for a moment, that our homes were able to date. By dating, I mean courting, talking, “seeing someone” or whatever term culture likes to use to describe the humble beginnings of a

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